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This is my challenge to climb all 208 summits of Meteora, if you ask me if a can do that, I will tell you simply that . “Life is a bet, learn how to gain it”.


Every day, I come up against tremendous bias towards diabetics, who are commonly considered to be individuals of particularly limited ability. The worst is that most diabetics have accepted this role and live with severe self-limitations, meaning that they live a rather hesitant and basically frightened life. Perhaps they feel that in this way they can protect and prolong their lives. But a life that is restricted to just the essentials is not real life, but a poor substitute. I believe that these people, me included, deserve the best.

For me, diabetes has become a way of life and my life has followed a normal course through the years I have lived with it. It does not limit the things I want to do, even if they sometimes seem difficult.

Having adjusted to the demands of my condition, I not only lead a normal life, but I can also set goals that demand extraordinary skills.

The construction of this website is, first of all, a means of self expression. It is also a means which I hope will help me convey my optimism to all those suffering from diabetes and to prove to them that not only can they live normal lives, but they can also dream about achieving the impossible.



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23 April 2011
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